Design Centre (NQ) is a Townsville based building design and drafting service operating in the North Queensland region from Mackay to Cairns.

Australians live an enviable lifestyle in terms of their relationship with the outdoor environment and use of external spaces. This is no more apparent than in the tropical north where climate dictates much of the way in which we live our lives. At Design Centre (NQ) our goal is to create striking individual designs that respond to their site and facilitate the occupants desired lifestyle.


In North Queensland we spend much of our time outdoors.  At Design Centre (NQ) we focus on building a better Townsville by designing homes that suit our tropical climate. We put a larger emphasis on the indoor/outdoor living areas and connecting them to the landscape and pools with shaded verandahs. Encouraging the prevailing breezes to flow throughout the house with well positioned windows and doors also brings the outside in, or as we like to put it, bring the inside out!


There are a number of key focal points the team at Design Centre (NQ) pay particular attention to when designing a new home or extending an existing. Our clients brief along with the specific site features, local climate issues, impacting energy efficiency and environmental performance, budget requirements, and building style are all given equal weighting to create something unique and special on every occasion.









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We have moved!

We have said goodbye to our old office and moved next door into a brand new building.  This is all part of the featured project on our home page.  The redevelopment of the Turnbull Street site is currently in full swing with the construction of new warehouses and carparks.


Featured Project

Robuild warehouse project.